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Approachable Transparent Accountable 

Financial management delivered by improved budget (2021  +1.8% / 2022 +2.9%) through efficiencies and new revenues  Municipal Accommodation Tax 2022-2%, 2024-3%, 2025-4% and grew the Capital Reserve from $24.7million in 2017 to $26million in 2020.

Cut red tape to modernize administrative practices, increased public engagement and provide more efficient service through the new website design which includes online payment options, a live-chat feature, and our interactive construction project.

Ensured Community Service Excellence and Inclusivity were one of the Pillars in Strategic Plan.

Preserving Our Identity by Managing Growth

Protecting Urban Neighbourhoods


       Focus on Compatibility and Quality of Life by:


  •       Adopting a new Town Official Plan 2019 and successfully convincing the Region to include OUR vision for agricultural mapping and allowing Municipalities to adopt densities in urban areas that will not overwhelm neighbourhoods.

  •       Revising the existing Official Plan, to include compatibility within neighbourhoods.

  •       Conducting a zoning bylaw review which will include a gentle density increase for secondary suites. 

  •       Approving the Glendale District Plan - creating housing and employment opportunities while preserving greenspace and sensitive                environmental areas.

  •       Completing bylaws Urban Tree Protection, Demolition by Neglect for heritage properties, Short-Term Rental Bylaw, Parks Use Bylaw.

        Successfully challenging overdevelopment in neighbourhoods.


        Completing the LISTING of all heritage properties in Old Town, Virgil and St. Davids Village Centre and supporting keeping the Centre of            St. Davids Village walkable and quaint WITH NO ROUNDABOUT.


Protecting Agriculture

        Finalized Irrigation Master Plan and ongoing lobbying of upper tier governments to recognize irrigation systems as vital infrastructure.


        Approved the purchase of equipment to remove Phragmites from the irrigation systems and drainage ditches.


        At the Region, as your Lord Mayor

  •      Finalized 20 years later, with the Region, an agreement for mapping on Greenbelt lands, that the agricultural committee supports and           no expansion of the urban boundaries.

  •      Lobbied and succeeded in getting the reduction of Development Charges at the Region for Agricultural Help Houses.

  •      Achieved an exemption for the farming community for draw and disposal of water from the Niagara River, should RAMSAR proceed.


Building a Strong and Caring Community with Infrastructure

Continual Improvements on Services for Residents and Business

        Approved and supported the development of Central Community Church, housing a 24-hour daycare, youth sports programs and an                  event centre. Supported the new Doctors’ offices in the Village. Supported the new Niagara Nursery School.  Supported the new adult                day program for senior citizens at the community centre.


        Continue to meet with interest groups of all ages and interests in the community to determine services to meet their needs. E.g. disc golf,            secondary suites, transportation, education institution opportunities, health care needs, retirement housing.


Sports and Play

        Approved parks improvements in every village:

  •     Basketball courts and playground in Niagara on the Green.

  •     The new Cannery Park improvements.

  •     St. Davids Lions Club Tennis Courts Improvements.

  •     The new Trail path connection between Cannery and St. Davids Park.

  •     The new Queenston Common Park.

  •     Pickleball Courts and Skate Board (with VBA) in Virgil.

  •     Disc golf at the Community Centre.

  •     New tennis court in Veterans Memorial Park.


       Heritage Trail completed from John Street to East West Line; phase 2 now started.


       Established the St. Davids Pool Committee and have committed funding for it.


Roads and Transportation

       Approved money for the pedestrian and lighting enhancements for both the Provincial Diverging Diamond at the QEW and the Regional             Road widening of Hwy 55 – Virgil.

       Implemented the OnDemand transit system for Niagara-on-the-Lake throughout the Town with expanded hours and to join the Region                 Public Transit network.


       Finalized an agreement with HONK Mobile for better management of metered parking including initiatives to provide a fair and equitable           system for residents.


      At the Region, as your Lord Mayor

  •     Supported a Regional Transit System.

  •     Community Safety Zones for St. Davids and Crossroads Schools.

  •     Approved the Hwy 55 - Virgil Road improvements. 


Healthy Environment 


      Proactive on Climate Change through the Niagara Adapts Plan.

      Completed remedial work at Queen’s Royal Park to improve water quality.


      Approved ongoing shoreline protection and flooding work annually

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